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No. I cannot deal with the hilarious, weird, cuteness of these  little “totems”! They are the work of California based artist Laura Johnston. That dinosaur and sloth are killing me, and I have a fat little wiener dog that looks exactly like that fat little wiener dog! She releases new clay totems every Wednesday – hey, that’s todayso pop over and see if there’s anything that speaks to your inner wild lemming. Now, how do you keep your totem with you all day? No problem, Laura also makes these sweet pewter pieces … and I happen to have these four hilarious necklaces for sale in my online gallery! If you want one move quick like a Jackalope because they’re going fast (they’re only $34?!)… I really want that narwhal. Ooh, or the sloth. Ok, and maybe the raptor and his little Velveteen Rabbit friend too.

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  1. Elissa S Nesheim /// 03.11.2015 /// 8:40am

    YAY for Laura! 🙂 Love her work, just ordered a Ram for my daughter’s birthday. Beautiful person making beautiful works of art!

  2. Laura Johnston /// 03.11.2015 /// 8:51am

    Thank you so much for featuring my work! I’m over the moon about it, and honored to be here amongst so many talented artists – I LOVE checking your blog to discover new art! Thank you +1,257,023 Danielle!

  3. Frances Marin /// 03.11.2015 /// 9:29am

    Awesome, Laura! I am so happy to see your critters here on The Jealous Curator. They are gorgeous. I always look forward to what you do next:)

  4. Donna Weathers Art /// 03.11.2015 /// 10:59am

    The dog and the fox are TOO much! So cute!

  5. Laura Johnston: TotemsWebsite | Illustrated Monthly Blog /// 03.12.2015 /// 10:05pm

    […] Laura Johnston: Totems […]

  6. Dianne /// 03.18.2015 /// 9:44am

    OH! I had totally forgotten about these. I was such a huge fan of these totems on Etsy a million years ago. I’m so happy to have been reminded that they exist, they are so very special and I need a sloth in my life SO BADLY!

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