jen garrido


Ok, those color palettes are killing me. Neon and navy? Gorgeous! These stunning, modern florals are the work of American artist Jen Garrido… and I want allllllll of them.

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  1. Steve B /// 03.19.2015 /// 12:47pm

    Yup. These are the first pieces that I actually went to the artist site and looked at the prices. I am sorely tempted. Thank you.

  2. the jealous curator /// 03.19.2015 /// 7:45pm

    you’re welcome 😉

  3. Emily Crowder /// 03.20.2015 /// 8:05am


    Wow! These are beautiful. I wanted to let you know I mentioned your blog on my blog today. I really like what you do. How do you find all these different artists? Your blog is really great and I’ve been getting serious life-force from looking at it all winter…oh my god, this winter feels never-ending. Anyway, I’m glad you write this blog!

  4. the jealous curator /// 03.21.2015 /// 3:49am

    oh, thanks so much emiliy! i’ll pop over and look right now! (i find them by staying up late and searching every corner of the internet, and in recent years i get a quite few fantastic submissions sent directly to my inbox!) 🙂

  5. lisa grandjean /// 03.21.2015 /// 4:18am

    such an addictive and fascinating site. a real artist’s eye

  6. Carla /// 03.22.2015 /// 12:16pm

    Lovely lighthearted yet delicate work! Thanks for showcasing her.

  7. Tosinger /// 03.31.2015 /// 7:59am

    Your interview with andkKathleen brought me here.. Love your site.

  8. the jealous curator /// 03.31.2015 /// 8:49am

    yay! thanks for coming by!

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