katte geneta


Waves, mountains, horizons… simple, quiet, elegant work with an artist statement that is just as poetic:

“I believe all things are born of water, air, and dust. My works are meditations of the elements, faded with time and distance. Each piece tries to uncover an image that exists somewhere between reality and memory. Revealed are distant landscapes, a mountain on water, or the deep sky at night.”

These are the lovely words and works of New York based artist Katte Geneta. Sigh… so dreamy.

{Oil on birch. Originals available on Buy Some Damn Art}

comments (7)

  1. Bre Ritchie /// 03.25.2015 /// 6:45am

    These works are beautifully simple. They push your imagination. I <3

  2. the jealous curator /// 03.25.2015 /// 1:44pm

    they certainly do

  3. Alexis /// 03.25.2015 /// 7:33pm

    These are so dreamy and soothing and beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  4. rossana taormina /// 03.26.2015 /// 5:30am

    so poetic!

  5. Dianne /// 03.27.2015 /// 9:28am

    Something about these images make me feel so still, so calm.

  6. Mossy /// 03.31.2015 /// 3:52am

    I adore these, they are so simple and so stunning. Quite a beautiful find.

  7. Dorne Whale /// 07.14.2015 /// 4:24am

    Fabulous. Wish I could paint like this!

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