kimberly hall


You could seriously play the artsiest game of ‘Go Fish’ EVER with these beauties! I love this project by Philadelphia based artist Kimberly Hall {aka Nottene}… the final drawings are fantastic, but I love the story behind them just as much:

“I started designing this deck as a way to draw new things regularly. In 2013 one of my goals was to draw more every day, but it was hard to stay motivated. I was always looking for new things to draw, so when a friend mentioned she was going to learn a new card game each week for all 52 weeks of the year I realized it was the perfect number of weeks to produce a deck of cards in a way that wasn’t completely overwhelming! I have always wanted to design a deck of cards, but it felt like too big of a project. Suddenly it seemed manageable.”

Brilliant and so inspiring! She has illustrated the entire deck, and now her plan is to turn these 52 drawings into the real deal {get it? deal?}. Sorry, bad card joke. Anywho, Kimberly’s got a kickstarter project underway, so if you want to help her, ie., ensure that these get made so you can pick up a set for yourself, pop over to her project page … 25 days to go!

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  1. maggie /// 04.06.2015 /// 10:59am

    I LOVE artsy card decks. Maybe she should dabble in tarot as well..although that is somewhere in the ballpark of 78 cards. What a fantastic way to get out of a creative rut.


  2. Tiffany Knox /// 04.06.2015 /// 8:21pm


  3. Connie /// 04.07.2015 /// 8:44am

    A biggest challenge a Monopoly game! Including all the things you like!!

  4. Kim Putnam /// 04.09.2015 /// 12:08pm

    This is very cool! In a way it is kind of like an artist book only it is a deck of cards! These are fantastic.

  5. Janne /// 04.21.2015 /// 12:36pm

    It is very inspiring and beautiful, i found this while also wondering to make a drawing challange for myself, I love this style you have used. :