john tierney


If you’re not able to spend the day in New York wandering around MoMA, here’s the next best thing… oil paintings of other people spending their day wandering around MoMA! This is a series by UK based artist John Tierney – his goal with all of his work is to, “create paintings that provide a strong sense of place, a feeling of what it is like to be there.” Well, I think he did it because I reallllly wish I was at MoMA right this very second.

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  1. Jessica Amos /// 04.28.2015 /// 7:44am

    Oh, I LOVE this! I want a giant one of these on my wall – like I’m in a gallery all. day. long. xoxo

  2. the jealous curator /// 04.28.2015 /// 8:03am

    me too!

  3. Carla /// 04.28.2015 /// 11:10am

    wouldn’t it be nice to have a commissioned piece of yourself pictured in your favourite museum?
    I may well be the perfect consolation for the many times you are not able to just go there…

  4. the jealous curator /// 04.28.2015 /// 12:21pm

    YES! that would be ah-mazing!!!

  5. Uli /// 04.30.2015 /// 1:51am

    I just imagine this in a 100 years… It’ll be even more precious. Love it! x

  6. the jealous curator /// 04.30.2015 /// 10:26am

    yes! excellent point uli!

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