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I have never been so happy to see mold. In fact, this might be the prettiest “mold” I have ever seen! UK based artist Elin Thomas crochets and embroiders these little art-meets-science specimens in the prettiest of palettes. Hurray for spores and fuzzy growths!

{via Brown Paper Bagps. if you’d like to own some of this pretty mold, you can find it in Elin’s shop.

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  1. Amber P /// 05.07.2015 /// 6:59am

    love love love

  2. Heidi /// 05.07.2015 /// 7:57am

    As a microbiologist that has contaminated plates too many times, these are by far the prettiest I have seen. She has really captured the beauty possible, and is so spot on with those two moulds growing together in the third image. Love!

  3. Sarina Diakos /// 05.07.2015 /// 2:07pm

    Oh my! I’m just so taken with these

  4. The Glamorous Housewife /// 05.08.2015 /// 7:45am

    That is the most glamorous mold I have ever seen, so I bought one! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

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  6. Amelieke van de Lavoir /// 05.09.2015 /// 8:26am

    I think molds ARE beautiful, and so are these! Love it!

  7. Betsy /// 05.11.2015 /// 4:20am

    Awesome… There is beauty in anything. It is all about perceptions. Same is true of beautiful things that reach too far and turn ugly. I pray I will always be like mold. 🙂

    Penn State University petri dish girl

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