han yuliang


Oh, I wish I could hear the songs that those little voices are singing… I’m kind of glad I can’t hear that accordion though. This is the lovely work of Beijing based painter Han Yuliang. His color palette for this series is killing me, and his loose/quick brush strokes that work in perfect harmony to create these gorgeous portraits… sigh… stunning.

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  1. Sara @ Cake Over Steak /// 05.13.2015 /// 7:32am

    Wow. These are breathtaking.

  2. Rosalind /// 05.14.2015 /// 1:12am

    Wow I love this artist. I’m glad I’ve stumbled across your blog- I’ll be back 🙂

  3. ioanis /// 07.10.2015 /// 10:53pm

    Amazing portraits. You close your eyes and you can imagine their voices

  4. peter /// 08.20.2015 /// 11:53am

    Amazing works and awesome color palette

  5. nancy /// 04.17.2019 /// 12:22pm

    These are amazing portraist of young childern playing music while being so concentrated to that! Amazing expression of feelings!