kelly s. williams


I think my childhood was spent in most of these black ‘n white oil paintings… especially that last one… that TV? The armchair? That could literally be my grandparents living room circa 1979. This is the work of Nashville based artist Kelly S. Williams. Her portfolio is filled with lovely things, in fact, I almost did this post about her latest series, paintings of plants and terrariums, but the nostalgia of these monochrome rooms grabbed me and would not let go. Ah, memories.

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  1. Jessica Amos /// 05.25.2015 /// 8:14am

    Love love love these! Feels so much like what it’s really like inside most homes, especially our grandparents. gah. Yes! xo

  2. caitlin /// 05.25.2015 /// 7:16pm

    I LOVE these! How dreamy and dreary and wonderful. It does remind me of a grandparents house! I love them.