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It probably won’t be surprising if I tell you that Spanish artist Ana Beltrá has just spent a significant amount of time exploring the jungles of Borneo, right? All of these gorgeous pieces are from her latest series, titled “Conjugar Jungla”, clearly inspired by her travels. The electric colors, the layers and movement in her sculptural collages… ahh, it’s almost like being in the jungle {without the snakes and spiders and stuff. Yep, I prefer jungle art to actual jungles I think.}

comments (4)

  1. Jessica Amos /// 05.29.2015 /// 8:23am

    Those plants though. Gah! love.

  2. Carla /// 05.31.2015 /// 9:51am

    I prefer actual jungles but this jungle art is also very nice!

  3. Tine Bækgaard /// 06.17.2015 /// 5:23am

    Ah waow! such beautiful work, great for inspiration. mmmm

  4. Carmen Leal /// 07.09.2018 /// 4:57pm

    Dear Ana,

    I am planning on doing some work with my evening students from 2nd Baccalaureate at IES Pérez Galdós.

    I was wondering if you would be so kind to shedule with us a meeting through video conference from your studio. That way the students could interview you and learn more about your work while practising spoken English.

    It would be great for them to get to know you.



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