elvira johanna duives


These are mini portraits … and I mean mini : 4cm x 5.5cm … by Dutch artist Elvira Johanna Duives. Are they paintings? Nope. She told me that, “for the drawing of the face, clothes and hairdo I use fat juicy Copic markers, and for the details in the face I use color pencil.” Love. Their style and size are inspired by vintage passport photos, but those crazy amazing colors… they must be inspired by CANDY! 

ps. She puts up a “portrait of the week” every Monday on Facebook and Instagram… oh, and she also does commissions. Just sayin’.

comments (3)

  1. jo chambers /// 06.02.2015 /// 8:51am

    So good. That grey haired lady is my personal favourite x

  2. marianne /// 06.03.2015 /// 2:12pm


  3. Jenny Stear /// 06.13.2015 /// 7:14am

    These are fab!
    But talking about mini mini miniatures…. have you seen Paintings for Ants by South African artist Lorraine Loots?

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