horace panter


You might think that painter Horace Panter is American given this fabulous ode to Americana… but no, he’s British. If his name sounds familiar to you, then I’m guessing you’re a fan of The Specials. Yep, in the decades following his fine arts education, he traveled the world with his band {remember, A Message to You Rudy… yep, that’s them!}. From 1998 – 2008 he was the “Head of Art” in a high school, and in 2009 he decided it was time to focus on his own work again – thank goodness because that drunk clown is calling my name!

{Thanks to Rania for pointing me to Horace’s work… here is a great interview she did with him.}

comments (4)

  1. Rania Watts /// 06.04.2015 /// 10:33am

    Thank you so much for believing in my work and sharing my interview!

  2. Carla /// 06.04.2015 /// 12:36pm

    so Americanah!!

  3. A Clever Painted Ode to Vintage Americana Signs – Flavorwire /// 06.07.2015 /// 7:04am

    […] paintings. Panter’s bold signs, restaurants, storefronts, and desertscapes, which we spotted on Jealous Curator, are painted with a realistic eye and the humor of a punk(ass). Panter makes the […]

  4. Cecile /// 06.21.2015 /// 9:44am

    I love the light in these! Spot on!

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