christine lantz


Sigh. Nature… on the wall. I’m pretending all of these pieces are framed and hung on my wall! This is the mixed media work of Swedish artist/designer Christine Lantz. These pieces are from a couple of different series {“Nature Collection”, “Arctic Journey”}, but since this is my pretend gallery wall, I decided to mix them up and “curate” a few of my favorites ♥

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  1. Jessica Amos /// 07.02.2015 /// 7:35am

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these!

  2. Christine Lantz | THE PIXEL IS GRAY /// 07.02.2015 /// 9:01am

    […] Nature. On the wall. Lovely, quiet work by artist/designer Christine Lantz (aka Stellaire Studio) […]

  3. Marian Richardson /// 07.02.2015 /// 10:20am

    Oooh, that last one with the diamonds is elegant!

  4. Dianne /// 07.13.2015 /// 12:30pm

    That iceberg is everything. EVERYTHING.

  5. the jealous curator /// 07.13.2015 /// 4:09pm

    haha! agreed : )