jill sykes


Aaaand exhale. I wish I could wander around in the garden that is LA based painter Jill Sykes‘ portfolio. Dreamy colors, simple compositions, and large-scale leafy goodness {up to 60″x37″ in some of these cases}. I’ve been invited to curate a show in LA this September, and I’ve included a few of Jill’s pieces… I’m counting down the days ’til I can see them in person!

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  1. Jill /// 07.14.2015 /// 5:30am

    I am very very very nearsighted. Can’t see at all without my glasses. Normally, looking at art that is not quite in focus makes me blink and try to adjust my glasses. But these are lovely. Perhaps it’s the subject matter, but the slight fuzziness makes it feel like you’re sitting in the sun with your eyes mostly shut just barely aware of the leaves blowing slightly in the breeze.

    p.o. love love love your posts. one of my favorite sites. Thanks so much for finding these wonderful artists for us.

  2. Cecile /// 07.14.2015 /// 6:22am

    Love the Sycamore House she participated in!

  3. Audrey /// 07.14.2015 /// 9:24am

    Such lovely work. What a great post to start off my busy day with…
    Thanks Jealous Curator 🙂

  4. Deb Haugen /// 07.14.2015 /// 10:27am

    Jill Sykes artwork resonates with me on a very deep level. I sometimes feel like I’m hiding way out back deep in the woods, and feel safe and protected by her foliage. It gives the viewer a feeling of hiding amongst the plants, something I did as a child a lot. Her work is just so lovely.

  5. Richard Seltzer /// 07.14.2015 /// 10:30am

    I have had the pleasure of seeing Jill’s work in person many times and it IS even better in person. I rendered several of her paintings into the interiors of a house I designed and my client ended up commissioning her to do a piece for their bedroom.
    You can go to richardseltzer.com to see it under Stewart Residence