art-a-porter : a group show … kinda


You guys, this is crazy  {I’m not very good at keeping secrets, and I’ve managed to keep this one since last winter… #miracle}. I’ve curated shows for galleries, created online collections, and now I’ve curated an art-inspired clothing collection. What?! Yes. So, so crazy. Last winter, Montreal based fashion house Art-A-Porter reached out and asked if I would curate an exhibition, that instead of hanging on a wall, would be displayed on clothing. Originally I said no, I was too busy {and nervous that there were no walls involved} … but I couldn’t control myself… it just sounded too fun! And so they gave me a huge folder of artists to choose from and off we went. This lovely, limited edition collection is the result, and I’m so proud of it! Here is my “curatorial statement”, and then a peek at some of the artwork/pieces:

From collage, to painting, to mixed media – the work of Joe WebbMonica Trastoy, J.D Doria, Niki Hare, and Erin Case is very different, yet all of the individual pieces come together beautifully, creating one unified collection that is dreamy, modern, black and white – with just the perfect pop of vintage-inspired color. I chose these pieces because, well, each one is stunning on it’s own, but when brought together the combination of organic shapes and geometric lines was something I couldn’t resist – amazing on a gallery wall, and even more exciting when you can actually take this exhibition off of the wall, and wear it.


Gah! I love it all! And there is so much more to the collection… see it all right here. Thank you so much to AAP for giving me this bizarre and wonderful opportunity to curate on something other than a wall, and thank you so much to all of the amazing artists who are involved… it was an honor working with your art!

{Artists in order of images above: Monica Trastoy // Joe Webb // JD Doria // Erin Case // Niki Hare}

*A great article about AAP and this idea of wearable art came out yesterday. Read it here.

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  1. Kalen Meyer /// 08.06.2015 /// 8:14am

    Wow! This is awesome!

  2. the jealous curator /// 08.06.2015 /// 8:34am

    thanks kalen … isn’t it crazy!?

  3. Maggie /// 08.06.2015 /// 9:01am

    Danielle! What an amazing project to be involved in! You are just a never ending delight!

  4. the jealous curator /// 08.06.2015 /// 9:11am

    ah, thanks maggie! it was scary at first… and then it got REALLY FUN!

  5. Frances Marin /// 08.06.2015 /// 9:15am

    These are so great! I love the choices. I want all the dresses and those climbing pants!

  6. Araya /// 08.06.2015 /// 9:29am

    AMAZING! Beautiful line. Perfect, perfect, perfect!

  7. Melanie Biehle /// 08.06.2015 /// 9:30am

    Love love love love super love.

  8. the jealous curator /// 08.06.2015 /// 10:02am

    isn’t it lovely! so many talented artists, and the amazing designers at aap! so honored to be involved.

  9. Maggie /// 08.06.2015 /// 10:31am

    Wow! I love it all. Congratulations Danielle! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next. You are on a creativity roll!

  10. Audrey /// 08.06.2015 /// 12:11pm

    YES! YES! YES!!!!! SO Awesome that I have to scream!!! We need more artist and textile design collaborations. I’ve been playing around with my images on scarves…oh boy! takes it to another fantastic level. Your fashion being available where? Congratulations Danielle

  11. Lizzie /// 08.06.2015 /// 12:13pm

    What a beautiful concept! I would love it even more if the sizing were more inclusive 🙁

  12. Mina /// 08.06.2015 /// 3:39pm

    Congrats Danielle! Another well-curated project! Now I want some paintings by J.D Doria and the black and white dress.

  13. nikita /// 08.06.2015 /// 4:49pm

    actually obsessed! Wishing I could actually wear these myself D:

  14. Sheila /// 08.07.2015 /// 8:03am

    This is just the coolest thing! Must have been so fun to be involved with. It’s sort of a good thing I don’t have a job right now or I’d be spending lots on this wearable art!

  15. the jealous curator /// 08.07.2015 /// 9:52am

    it was so fun! i felt a little out of my element at the beginning, but it really was just like curating a show!

  16. Lannie Hart /// 08.08.2015 /// 8:35am

    So beautiful and surreal

  17. Berta /// 08.10.2015 /// 6:22pm

    A wonderful idea and amazing opportunity. It turned out lovely. I absolutely adore the dress.

  18. the jealous curator /// 08.10.2015 /// 9:45pm

    me too!!! (and thanks!)