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Oh, I love the work of Chattanooga, TN based artist Mark Bradley-Shoup. Not only is his work fantastic, but so is he. So kind, so smart, and a fabulous teacher/lecturer at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. I love this episode because it’s so full of great advice! Listen right up there under the abandoned gas station, or subscribe on iTunes. As you’re listening, you can look at the work that Mark and I talked about, in the order that we talked about it. Oh, and at the beginning, when he mentions me having a shaved head and 5 o’clock shadow, it’s because I use my husband’s skype account, and so it’s his bio photo that shows up… apparently it’s quite strange to hear my voice and see that face! Anyway let’s take a look at a bunch of Mark’s work – from architectural paintings, to abstract, to collage:


Gorgeous. And so talented… what a range of work! Up next, a couple of shots from the “beautifully boring” show that I curated in Chattanooga in February of 2013. In the photo below: Samantha French, Me, Mark, Leah Giberson, and in front of us, Angela Usrey the gallery director {we missed you Holly Farrell!}


Ah, that was such a fun week in Tennessee! Below are a few images of Mark’s pages in “Collage”:


… and some studio shots {these are actually from his old studio, but they give a sense of his process… notice the HUGE mound of tape!}


We also talked about his most recent exhibition in Nashville at the David Lusk Gallery. Here are a few installations shots:


And finally, making Mark’s dream come true! He has always {since his teens} wanted to design a skateboard, surfboard, snowboard – I think his architectural pieces, or his collages would be amazing on any and all of those surfaces. After all, if Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst can do it, why not Mark Bradley-Shoup!


If you do such things, reach out and let me know… let’s make this happen! Ok, thank you so much to Mark for putting up with my time zone issues, to Saatchi Art for supporting the episode, and to you for listening! There will be more art for your ear next Saturday.

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  1. Laura Johnston /// 08.08.2015 /// 10:32am

    GREAT interview!! I love hearing from artists who focus in different, distinct mediums/styles. Also, really liked the speed round questions this week! 🙂 I always find myself answering along hahaha.

  2. the jealous curator /// 08.08.2015 /// 9:15pm

    ha! thanks laura… yep, you find out some pretty interesting things in the speed round 😉

  3. Kelly S. Murray /// 09.07.2015 /// 5:57pm

    This is such a great interview on so many levels. I teach foundations in an art transfer associates degree at a community college and the discussion on critique resonates with me BUT I hearing about the different areas of focus is helpful because my practice also has several different veins and have struggled to negotiate through this. I don’t see this as problematic but have feared that audiences, curators, and gallerist would find this to be problematic as I seek opportunities. This is a great reminder that multiple practices are common with many artists. Mark’s work is so lovely. As always – thank you for sharing the work of these great artists.

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  5. Heidi Lanino /// 03.30.2016 /// 7:20am

    Really great, thank you!

  6. Carolina /// 05.17.2017 /// 3:24am

    Awesome interview! You guys are both so sweet! I would love to take his clases. Really amazing and inspiring work, I love his abstracts. Thank you so much for this.

  7. the jealous curator /// 05.17.2017 /// 6:49am

    thanks carolina – mark is one smart guy!

  8. Jordan Stafford /// 11.03.2017 /// 10:36am

    Soooo did the surfboard, skateboard, snowboard project happen?!?

    This is one of my favorite interviews. I love the Miyagi moment when he switches to interviewing you. Evidently a great professor!!!

  9. the jealous curator /// 11.03.2017 /// 10:48am

    hm…. not that i know of, but i’ll follow up with mark! ; ) (and yes, he’s very sneaky!)

  10. Christine Aaron /// 03.29.2021 /// 3:31pm

    This os one pf my faves so far. If I had ever gone to art school would’ve wanted to have an art prof like Mark! Funny, but I can see how those album covers influence his collages! Lots of really wonderful insight and advice. And I have to know…did anyone ever contact him about a skateboard, snowboard etc???

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