“design milk by day & sketchbooks by night”


Usually when you hear the name Jaime Derringer it’s associated with the very stylish, very popular blog, Design Milk. Since 2006, Jaime has spent her days writing about / discovering incredibly talented designers … furniture, jewelry, architecture, and of course artists. But when the sun goes down, or whenever she has a bit of free time {which isn’t often} she is also an artist herself. Drawing, painting, and a fine combination of both. I didn’t know much about how she started, her process, when the heck she fits this into her very busy life… so I asked her. Listen right up there, or subscribe on iTunes. As you’re listening, take a look at the things we talked about in the order that we talked about them.

Now, before we talk about art, we have to watch this little tidbit that came up fairly early in our conversation: Ross Geller from “Friends” on keyboard… Jaime, is this what it looks like when you rock out on your new synthesizer? Ha! So, so awesome. Alright, time for art. Here are some of Jaime’s abstract paintings, and her gorgeous “string” drawings:


I would hang a little cluster of these together on a wall. I love the combination of precision and her “go with the flow” / “happy accident” approach. It’s kinda crazy that these pieces were made by the same person! And, a little peek into her drawing sketchbook that she works in at night… once her day at Design Milk is over, and her little girl has gone to bed:


She has been keeping a great record of her sketchbook pages through the years… you can see them all right here. And finally, her love of jewelry design has made its way from her body {every time I see her she’s wearing some kind of stunning piece}, to her newest venture, ADORN\milk:



Gah! Gorgeous… art that you wear! Boy oh boy, she has amazing taste and is such a wonderful supporter of independent artists. These are a few of my favorite pieces – you can find them here: bracelet by pico design \ earrings by maple + mauve \ ring by maison 203 \ necklace by vulantri – and of course the whole collection can be found here.

And with that I will say thanks so much to Jaime, to Saatchi Art for supporting the episode, and to you for listening… there will be more ART FOR YOUR EAR next weekend!

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  1. Jaime Derringer /// 09.26.2015 /// 2:49pm

    Well, that was fun. Let’s do it again soon! xo

  2. the jealous curator /// 09.26.2015 /// 4:31pm


  3. Edyta Jarkiewicz /// 09.27.2015 /// 4:27am

    Fun and interesting! I enjoyed listning to it.

  4. Tasha kusama /// 09.27.2015 /// 7:23am

    Beautiful +inspiring. Gorgeous work!

  5. Jennifer Johansson /// 09.28.2015 /// 6:36am

    Another great episode! Jamie and I have a very similar art practice….You’ll find me almost every night working in a sketchbook. Things flow so much better for me “there” as there’s less pressure. Like Jamie, I also find that my work flows best when I’m working intuitively, and without a plan. It’s so fun to be able to get a glimpse into the creative practice of other artists in these podcasts. Thanks Danielle!

  6. Penelope Boyd /// 09.28.2015 /// 5:16pm

    Its so interesting to hear another artist who has difficulty sharing their work! And that you have a hidden blog! Would love another episode with Jaime, her work is stunning and unique.

  7. the jealous curator /// 09.28.2015 /// 8:55pm

    it seems to be a very common problem ; ) … i think another episode with jaime definitely has to happen!

  8. Crystal Foth /// 09.29.2015 /// 8:37am

    I loved hearing Jaime’s story – amazing work and I can’t believe that she keeps it secret 😉 I just happen to run across your podcast last week and I’m thoroughly addicted, so happy to find you!! 🙂 I love the sneak peak into her life and would love to hear more! I’m an artist who had put my brushes down and while I have limited time I’m making stuff again and so happy I am.

  9. Monica Lee /// 10.01.2015 /// 9:21am

    Yay! I have one of Jaimes originals in my studio! Big fan!

  10. Jaime Derringer /// 10.01.2015 /// 11:23am

    xo Monica!

  11. Michelle /// 10.14.2015 /// 4:03pm

    Lovin’ your podcast. It’s great listening on the treadmill (except I do 45mins so I have dead air at the end 🙁 would you consider humming for 15mins at the end??) :0

  12. the jealous curator /// 10.14.2015 /// 7:29pm

    ha! well you’re going to love this week because it’s right around 45 min 😉

  13. Michelle /// 10.15.2015 /// 3:44am

    Yay! Looking forward to it.

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