ashley mistriel


Portraits, prickles, and post-its! Oh, the cactus people of Los Angeles based artist Ashley Mistriel. I love her gouache & xerox pieces oh so very much. And yes, a few of these pieces are quite tiny and bright because from time to time she uses post-it notes as her canvas! Love. So much love.

{I’ve seen her work in person, and it’s fantastic. Find her available work, online, via Good Eye Gallery}

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  1. Emily /// 09.29.2015 /// 8:17am

    I love these! Are you familiar with Emily Fox King? ( For some reason this post reminded me of her work.

  2. the jealous curator /// 09.29.2015 /// 8:28am

    ah, great… thanks for the tip emily!

  3. Jaime Derringer /// 09.29.2015 /// 11:09am

    I am in love with this!!!!!

  4. Carla /// 09.29.2015 /// 12:30pm

    lovely and quirky! I like it.

  5. Jenelle /// 09.29.2015 /// 3:04pm

    Very unique and interesting. Love it

  6. laura redburn /// 10.19.2015 /// 1:02pm

    so fun. love these!

  7. Doreen Ravona /// 03.13.2016 /// 11:40am

    Wow…came across these recently, am totally mesmerized by these cactus people!