lili scratchy


Um, how have I been writing this blog for almost seven years yet I’m just finding out about the crazy ceramics of France based artist/illustrator Lili Scratchy? Gah! I love them! Her work literally jumps right out of her sketchbook… see? Oh mon dieu, so much love for these weird little critters, and Lili’s fantastic imagination. Love.

comments (4)

  1. Rania Watts /// 10.24.2015 /// 1:03am

    sigh! love at first sight for me!

  2. Sabine S. /// 10.24.2015 /// 2:17am


  3. Sridhar Ramasami /// 10.27.2015 /// 6:38am

    Very interesting, playful and unique.

  4. Angela schwer /// 11.06.2015 /// 9:11am

    Wow! These just made my morning! They’re amazing and bring instant happy! I will have to share! 🙂

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