sarah fagan


Oh, be still my organization-loving¬†heart! Grids of perfectly painted bits ‘n pieces that are…¬†wait for it… also color-coded. Yes. This is the work {acrylic on panel} of Portland based painter Sarah Fagan. Is it weird that these make me feel incredibly calm? They do.

{Thanks to @acrossaday for pointing me to Sarah’s Instagram feed}

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  1. Julie /// 10.28.2015 /// 6:40am

    oh my gosh….those bingo pieces!!!! I remember them…i played with them!!!
    These are beautiful paintings.

  2. marianne /// 10.28.2015 /// 8:58am

    I love miniatures! I love symbolism! These paintings are as good as it gets! Beautiful details elevating the obscure and functional items to an almost religious level! LOVE!

  3. Regina /// 10.28.2015 /// 9:28am

    Oh, I am so glad you love her work as much as I do, Danielle, and so glad she got a feature on your site!!!!

  4. the jealous curator /// 10.28.2015 /// 9:30am

    well thank YOU for sending her my way!

  5. Carla /// 11.01.2015 /// 7:10am

    I love this! So meditative and at the same time full of melancholy.

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