sebastian blinde



Yep, you guessed it… I’ve been saving these creepy little gems for about two months just waiting for Halloween to roll around! These paintings are the work of Berlin based artist Sebastian Blinde. He has an on-going series, titled “Ghosts in Veils”, perfect for Halloween-eve, yes? Have a safe ‘n happy weekend everyone… but watch out for that bunny ghost. He looks like he means business.

comments (3)

  1. Cecile /// 10.30.2015 /// 12:21pm

    Eeek… Love these.

  2. Christine /// 10.30.2015 /// 2:11pm

    Awesome – are these watercolours or ink?

  3. Anne /// 10.31.2015 /// 1:41am

    Smart and beautiful. Wow!

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