naomi zouwer


Ah, more organized work that satisfies the over-organizer in me! I wrote about some tiny painted grids last week, and Australian artist Naomi Zouwer saw them on Instagram and thankfully pointed me to her Instagram feed! Little thrift shop finds, beautifully painted and organized into perfect lines? Yes! While on her site, I found another project she is working on… more objects, but for this series, titled “Auditioning Objects”, she paints them, cuts them out, and displays them like a beautifully bizarre shrine to odd objects:



comments (2)

  1. rania /// 11.06.2015 /// 7:41am

    love the variety! beautiful pieces…

  2. Karen robey /// 11.07.2015 /// 7:22pm

    This work is stupendous!!! Thank you Naomi for your wonderful imagination and execution, and thank you Jealous Curator for finding this artistic talent!

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