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Now these are some serious landscapes that I would happily get lost in. These mixed media pieces, that celebrate every season so beautifully, are the work of American artist Sophia Heymans. I love them, and here’s why… first of all, they’re BIG {most are at least 5 or 6 feet if not bigger}; secondly these landscapes truly incorporate the landscape. Her materials list reads as follows: acrylic, moss, paper mâché, string, twine, prairie grass seeds, dried dill, oil on canvas. What? Amazing! And finally, perhaps the biggest feat of all… those crisp, snowy scenes are actually making me not dread the Canadian winter ahead.

ps. “Prairie Burn” is my favorite… love ♥


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  1. Sonja /// 11.16.2015 /// 8:19am

    I just discovered your blog and i love it. The works of Sophia Heymans are stunning and must be even more stunning if you see them in “real life”…

  2. Sophia Heymans /// 11.16.2015 /// 11:05am

    Thank you Sonja! Thank you so much for this generous and well-thought out feature, Danielle.

  3. Carla /// 11.16.2015 /// 12:53pm

    great work! It kind of made me think about the Flemish Masters landscapes…!

  4. Jennifer Johansson /// 11.16.2015 /// 8:01pm

    The winter scenes remind me of Pieter Bruegel’s work. Love!

  5. rania /// 11.17.2015 /// 10:10am

    sensational colour palette… feels like the images are going to pop from the page… lovely…

  6. Amy Tingle /// 11.21.2015 /// 4:58am

    I, too, could get lost in these forever. Would LOVE to see them in person to comprehend the scale. And DRIED DILL? Say what??!!

  7. Lisa Bartell /// 11.21.2015 /// 2:44pm

    Sophia Haymens’ work is fantastic!!! Wish I’d thought of this also.