charles h. traub


Wednesday work blahs? No problem… these photos, from the 1970’s, of New Yorkers on their lunch breaks might cheer you up! They are the work of Charles H. Traub, from his series quite appropriately titled, Lunch Time. The color, the fashion, the whole “leaving your desk to eat lunch” thing! Ah, I love it all. Who’s with me? Shut down your computer and go outside for lunch today. Thanks Charles… we needed that.

via gothamist

comments (4)

  1. bruna /// 11.25.2015 /// 10:36am

    a bill cunningham throw back of sorts!

  2. the jealous curator /// 11.25.2015 /// 12:05pm

    yeah, or humans of new york BEFORE humans of new york 😉

  3. Amy Tingle /// 11.28.2015 /// 6:04am

    That dude went to THE BEACH on his lunch hour??? I’ll have what he’s having!

  4. Karen Yssel /// 12.04.2015 /// 1:23am

    See how empty the streets are!!!

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