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These are the whimsical, large-scale oil paintings of Canadian painter Jan Little. It turns out that Jan lives just down the lake from me, which is probably why these {very familiar to me} lake views grabbed my attention immediately… and then, clearly, the floating bunnies and swimming goats sealed the deal. And the titles? Yep, they’re like perfect Canadian cherries on top:

“Mr. & Mrs. Bunbuns Go To Heaven… But Then Decide To Move Back to Naramata”, 36″x48″

“Pickles and Rosie Idly Whiled Away All of July and Half of August”, 36″x36″

Pickles and Rosie are so smart. Oh, and if you’ve ever seen the lake views I post on Instagram, that’s looking over to Naramata… no wonder Mr & Mrs. Bunbuns decided to skip heaven and go back there!

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  1. deb /// 12.11.2015 /// 10:12am


  2. Kim Cooper /// 12.11.2015 /// 3:25pm

    Wonderfully Whimsical!
    great brush work as well

  3. Brigitte Liapis /// 01.09.2016 /// 4:30pm

    I’m sooooo thrilled to see you’ve discovered the gifted Jan Little. 3 years ago I bought one of her dreamy Okanagan landscape pieces as a threat for myself and this Christmas my lovely husband, knowing how madly in love I am with all the livestock she paints, bought me a precious little goat portrait of ‘Pickles, All Wobbly Legs, Stood no Taller than a House Cat” at Saint-Germain Cafe-Gallery. You can imagine how freaking sweet it is. Lucky me!!!

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