anna king


Oh, so beautiful. This is the mixed media work {some of it quite large} of UK based artist Anna King. She has a lovely artist statement that explains her work perfectly, so I’ll pass this over to Anna…

“My work explores the margins of landscape – overlooked, peripheral places – abandoned buildings, wastelands, plantations and quarries. These structures are marks we’ve made on the world, and now time passes without human intervention – paint peels, grass grows through cracks in concrete and the temporary nature of our own existence is brought into sharper focus.

I work in oils on paper pasted onto board, drawing into the wet paint with pencil. This results in a deconstructed, sketch-like finished work, the smooth surface, fragility and fluidity of the mark making on paper echoing the temporary and incidental nature of the places I paint.”

Poetry, paper and paint ♥

comments (4)

  1. Sabrina Brett /// 01.13.2016 /// 9:36am

    I’m so impressed by Anna King’s ability to evoke serenity and stillness in her work.

  2. the jealous curator /// 01.13.2016 /// 6:49pm

    me too. her whole portfolio is like a quiet, still winter day.

  3. Amy Maricle /// 01.14.2016 /// 5:42am

    These paintings are so gorgeous and evocative. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Jennie Traill Schaeffer /// 02.05.2016 /// 8:30am

    I’m greatly attracted to her ability to create so much depth with such a tonal palette.

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