dan lam


Whoa. This is the beautifully bizarre, neon-hued, organic organism-ish work of Manila-born, Texas based artist Dan Lam. I already know what you’re thinking… ‘what? how?’ Let me answer you… she uses polyurethane foam, resin, acrylic on wood panel to create these crazy fantastic things. I want to touch them! That’s probably not allowed, but wait… what about these ones:


Yes! I’d have no choice but to hold these… how else could I put them on the edge of my shelf, table, dresser, countertop etc. LOVE.

via Juxtapoz

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  1. Cecile /// 02.18.2016 /// 5:59am

    Aaaaaaargh, I want that turquoise one!

  2. Christy /// 02.18.2016 /// 9:36am

    I am so happy you posted this- I had found a picture of one of her works a few weeks ago, but could not find the artist that had made it! Amazing pieces- Thank you for the post!

  3. the jealous curator /// 02.18.2016 /// 2:16pm

    ah, perfect!

  4. shawna /// 02.18.2016 /// 5:07pm

    They would make the coolest pets if they were alive!

  5. Beverly Schroeder /// 02.18.2016 /// 9:08pm

    I love Dan Lam’s art. Where can I buy online?

  6. STUDIOMILLA /// 02.19.2016 /// 6:08am


  7. Andrea Taylor /// 04.20.2016 /// 4:10pm

    These are just about the neatest things. EVER! <3