susanna bauer


Ok. I seriously don’t even know where to start. Leaves hand-sewn into perfect cubes? Delicate embroidery that transforms leaves into doilies? It’s all just too beautiful and perfect. I wrote about the sticks, stones, and leaves {way back in 2012} of German-born, UK based artist Susanna Bauer, but wow, she just keeps pushing the leafy envelope. Stunning.

If you’d like to see these delicate beauties in person, Susanna has shows coming up this March in New York {March 11 ~ April 16 at the Muriel Guepin Gallery}, and in the UK {March 2 ~ May 26 at the Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World}.

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  1. Cecile /// 02.22.2016 /// 7:40am

    This is soooo beautiful! Some of them look like tiny Borrower houses…!

  2. Carrie Brummer (@ArtistStrong) /// 02.22.2016 /// 9:24am

    I LOVE when artists reimagine materials like this. Soooo smart, clever and interesting. Thank you for continually finding artists that inspire.

  3. Olivia /// 02.22.2016 /// 7:20pm

    This is wonderful! I have to say, the moment I found this site- which was only a few nights ago- I’ve been hooked. What an amazing artist Susanna is! I can’t imagine how tedious sewing leaves would’ve been- but the result is completely worthwhile. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Sister Hilda /// 02.23.2016 /// 8:03pm

    This type of post is one of the best parts of The Jealous Curator – seeing such wonderful and thoughtful adventures other folks are pursuing. Thank you, Danielle!

  5. Sharmon Davidson /// 02.25.2016 /// 12:26pm

    So beautiful! I can’t help wondering how she does it – it’s like magic!

  6. the jealous curator /// 02.25.2016 /// 1:13pm

    i just found out! she’ll be on the podcast not this saturday but next : )

  7. Marisa /// 03.01.2016 /// 10:55am

    So beautiful! I love every essence and truth of your art, Helen! I’ve officially stumbled upon a much-needed rabbit hole here at the Jealous Curator. Amazing community, and hope as an artist and for my future in creativity and connection. <3

  8. Janet /// 03.04.2016 /// 5:41am

    Your work is so beautiful and amazing.

  9. “i’m a bit impatient” | Beholdamerica the blog /// 03.05.2016 /// 10:02pm

    […] I wrote about German-born, UK based artist Susanna Bauer about two weeks ago. She sent me a quick note to say thanks, and she also mentioned that she liked listening to the […]

  10. Kim Nyquist /// 04.28.2016 /// 1:44pm

    These leaves look like leather, how are they preserved?? I wonder??

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