victor solomon


Um, I played basketball in high school… but I don’t remember it being quite this fancy! This is the stunning, and luxurious, glass work of American artist Victor Solomon. All of these pieces are from his series, “Literally Balling”:

Stained glass. Historically reserved for the religious, for the opulent, for royalty, here stained glass is juxtaposed to arresting effect. Literally Balling connotes a host of disparate narratives: a religious devotion to sport; the athlete as modern-day king of court; the proletarian drift of basketball from project pick-up games to newfound cultural heights; even a cautionary comment on the fragility of luxury.

If you happen to be in New York, this work is currently showing at Joseph Gross Gallery until March 19th, 2016.

comments (2)

  1. Maria Peters /// 03.02.2016 /// 9:15am

    Beautiful concept, beautiful art work.

  2. Leslie /// 03.05.2016 /// 11:34am

    Quirky and gorgeous!

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