charlotte evans {and a giveaway from saatchi art}

… and the winner is… NICOLE REDDINGTON! Congratulations Nicole, have an amazing time – I hope you get to see Charlotte’s work in person! And thanks to everyone that entered – stay tuned because there are always more giveaways around the corner.



Sigh… these vibrant oil paintings make me want to go swimming on a warm, tropical night! Mind you, they also make me want to go to the Affordable Art Fair in New York next week. Yes, these gorgeous paintings by Brooklyn based artist Charlotte Evans will be there… and you might be too! Saatchi Art has given me a pair of VIP tickets to give to you! Leave a comment below and I will draw one name on Saturday March 26th, at noon pst. The winner can decide which of their lucky friends gets that second ticket. Here are the details:

Two Complimentary Tickets to the Private View of the Affordable Art Fair  ~ Courtesy of The Jealous Curator and Saatchi Art

Join Saatchi Art on Wednesday, March 30th from 6-9pm for the VIP Private View of the Affordable Art Fair in New York City. Saatchi Art will be presenting new works by 9 outstanding emerging artists on the first level in Booth #1.49. VIP guests will receive a copy of Saatchi Art’s new print catalog, as well as a limited edition tote bag, while supplies last! We look forward to meeting you in New York. 

VIP Pass includes admission to each day of the fair, including After Dark and the Sofa Session with Saatchi Art Chief Curator Rebecca Wilson on Thursday, March 31st at 1:30pm.

Featured artists: Kevin Bradley and his Church of Type, Fabio Coruzzi, Charlotte Evans, Alex Jackson, Koen Lybaert, David Fredrik Moussallem, Robert von Bangert, Dean West

The Affordable Art Fair, Metropolitan Pavilion 125 West 18th Street, New York, NY  *between 6th and 7th Avenues

Ok, if you’re going to be in New York next week, leave your comment below… good luck! {ps. HUGE thanks to Saatchi Art for this fantastic giveaway xoxo}

comments (45)

  1. Sarah Tinken /// 03.23.2016 /// 4:23am

    I’ll be in NY and would love to enjoy this opportunity!

  2. Mary Beth Polce /// 03.23.2016 /// 6:18am

    I’m renovating right now and need new artwork! Pick me!!

  3. Sam Kelly /// 03.23.2016 /// 7:14am

    I’d love to go! 🙂

  4. John Lee /// 03.23.2016 /// 7:21am

    How amazing!!

  5. elizabeth victor /// 03.23.2016 /// 8:41am


  6. Laura /// 03.23.2016 /// 10:23am

    These paintings are glorious. I must see them in person!

  7. Amy /// 03.23.2016 /// 10:25am

    Oh my gosh! BEAUTIFUL work. How exciting! I will be in NYC!!!!

  8. Lily /// 03.23.2016 /// 10:38am

    Lovely. Really enjoy following your updates. Fingers crossed for the art fair

  9. Vanessa Lam /// 03.23.2016 /// 10:55am

    It just happens that I’ll be in NYC at that time and it would be awesome to go!

  10. simone /// 03.23.2016 /// 11:06am

    Can’t wait to see the fab art.

  11. Amy Tingle /// 03.23.2016 /// 11:08am

    Sweeeeeet! I am next-door neighbors with NYC and I would love to get the opportunity to go to see these beautiful paintings and sit on a sofa with Rebecca Wilson! Thanks for the chance, Danielle!

  12. Madeleine /// 03.23.2016 /// 11:47am

    What a great giveaway and event! Poor NYC college student ready to win these tickets 😉

  13. T /// 03.23.2016 /// 11:52am

    Delighted to hear it and very much looking forward to viewing in person next week!

  14. Amanda jedele /// 03.23.2016 /// 12:18pm

    What an amazing giveaway!!! I will be in NYC next week and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go!!!

  15. Leah Conley /// 03.23.2016 /// 12:34pm

    You’re blog is incredible and so inspiring and encouraging! Saatchi is the bomb!! Would love to win these tickets!!!

  16. Denise /// 03.23.2016 /// 12:44pm

    Such beautiful pieces! My apartment could use some vibrant artwork like these.

  17. Erica /// 03.23.2016 /// 12:50pm

    Thanks so much for the opportunity! What a wonderful giveaway!

  18. Veronica Corzo-Duchardt /// 03.23.2016 /// 12:53pm

    Such a great give away, I’d love to go!

  19. Maureen /// 03.23.2016 /// 1:14pm

    I look forward to all your posts and am working my way through some of the Creative Block exercises…Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration. This is a fantastic giveaway! I hope I win!

  20. Susan Fassett /// 03.23.2016 /// 1:17pm

    As a menopausal woman who is finding her creative voice all over again I would love to be given 2 tickets to immerse myself in art for a few days and see how it impacts my own work! Some days I feel like a sponge just busy soaking the imagery up. Thank you in advance if you decide to give them to me.

  21. Nicole Reddington /// 03.23.2016 /// 1:22pm

    I’m RARELY in NYC and I’m GONNA be that week so PRETTY PRETTY PLEASEpick the girls from Long Island, who used to live in Brooklyn, who recently moved to upstate NY for family and REALLY misses NYC, and loves making art & TJC!

  22. Melissa Eisen /// 03.23.2016 /// 1:29pm

    Love the use of colors and the play of negative and positive space! Would love yo see it in person!!

  23. Rachel /// 03.23.2016 /// 2:05pm

    Would love to go to the Affordable Art Fair!

  24. Anna Schoenbaechler /// 03.23.2016 /// 3:32pm

    How exciting! Pick me (:

  25. Izobeau loureiro /// 03.23.2016 /// 5:51pm


  26. Sara /// 03.24.2016 /// 4:06am

    I’ll be in NYC and would LOVE to go! Thank you for the awesome opportunity!

  27. Katie /// 03.24.2016 /// 4:50am

    I will take the day off to go to this show! Please pick me!

  28. Maritza /// 03.24.2016 /// 10:41am

    Am a Native New Yorker who had never been to this event! Would love to attend.

  29. Jessica W /// 03.24.2016 /// 8:00pm

    I will not be able to go to new york, sadly 🙁 I’m actually just commenting to request that you get Charlotte Evans on the podcast! my other request is Karen O’Neil. Completely loving the blog and the podcast by the way, I’m finding so many new artists to love and admire. Thanks for all you do!

  30. the jealous curator /// 03.24.2016 /// 9:20pm

    i’ll see what i can do, jessica ; )

  31. Melanie Fischer /// 03.26.2016 /// 5:36am

    I love these paintings and would love to see them without the massive crowds.

  32. Minna K. Randolph /// 03.26.2016 /// 6:19am

    Love this blog, your podcast and this opportunity . Thanks Danielle!

  33. Minna K. Randolph /// 03.26.2016 /// 6:19am

    Love this blog, your podcast and this oppertunity. Thanks Danielle!

  34. tierney oberhammer /// 03.26.2016 /// 6:26am

    sumptuous paintings. my daughter lives in brooklyn… would be a great way to share time together.

  35. Lauri /// 03.26.2016 /// 6:32am

    These are gorgeous. Love the swimming pool theme this week. Would love to go to the art fair. Please please please pick me!

  36. Ellen Hailey /// 03.26.2016 /// 7:32am

    Love the blog! Hope to be picked for the art fair!!

  37. Jane /// 03.26.2016 /// 8:14am

    My finger is poised to book my flight to NYC.
    ….truly !!!

  38. Maria /// 03.26.2016 /// 9:10am

    I hope i’m not too late!

  39. NM /// 03.26.2016 /// 9:30am

    I would love to go!!!!

  40. GB /// 03.26.2016 /// 10:30am

    It would be an honor and privilege to go. Thanks for the opportunity!

  41. saulo waardenburg /// 03.26.2016 /// 10:35am

    Awesome! All the way from the Netherlands my wife and I are ready to board a plane! Would love to go. I am relatively new in the art bizz and want to start a private collection.

  42. Kate Jackson /// 03.26.2016 /// 10:43am

    my email has been compromised but I’m using both my gmail and hotmail, do not say hi to Michael, looks like someone already attempted to use my hotmail. please use my gmail. thank you Kate Jackson.

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    […] {and generously giving away two VIP tickets to the Affordable Art Fair in NYC next week… enter here because I’m drawing the winner at noon on Saturday March 26th}, and of course thanks to you […]

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