vivienne strauss


Oh, this is a woman after my own heart… I have literally cut out those plants from the same book… so, where can I get those birds, cars, and giant bottles of booze? These are the whimsical and wonderful collages of American artist Vivienne Strauss. The only question I have now… how¬†have I never written about her before? HOW!?

{ps. all of these pieces can be found in her online shop}

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  1. vivienne strauss – Viralbuzz-site /// 03.29.2016 /// 5:31am

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  2. Ninotchka /// 03.29.2016 /// 6:38am

    YES!! Thank you. Love her work. Her whimsical paintings are superb as well. Cheers!

  3. Cecile /// 03.29.2016 /// 5:26pm

    Ahhhh, these make me so happy!

  4. Kate /// 04.03.2016 /// 11:21am

    I look forward to all of your posts, but this one is just TOO wonderful. Birds in cars? With PLANTS? It just feels good to know there are other people out there who think this is amazing. New goal to own one of these.

  5. Amy Tingle /// 04.04.2016 /// 11:16am

    I fell in love with her work a few months ago. I could have sworn you were the one who led me to her, but it must have been the bottles of booze. . . .

  6. the jealous curator /// 04.04.2016 /// 1:56pm

    i know… i feel like i should have written about her too. but i didn’t. WHY!?!?

  7. Candy /// 04.17.2016 /// 2:18pm

    Glad I’ve finally found somheting I agree with!

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