lisa golightly


Oh. My. Goodness. This recent series from Portland based painter Lisa Golightly is killing me. That black beach? That little bike gang? Gorgeous! Not acrylic, or gouache or oil… nope, it’s house paint. Kinda perfect considering how homey her work is. As always, Lisa’s paintings bring back the sweetest, sometimes slightly faded, memories of childhood. Sigh… they make me feel like I’m eight again… “if only for a little while.”

Lisa will be showing several of these pieces at LA’s Good Eye Gallery. The opening reception is on Saturday April 9th, 5-9pm… and ps, a little birdie told me that Lisa is coming in from Portland for the party! For more information contact 323 255-4538 or

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  1. sue /// 04.01.2016 /// 5:08am

    oh.. she is sooo good! the painting of the three little ones holding hands hurts my eyes! How does she get her colors like that? love.

  2. Sherry Knutson /// 04.01.2016 /// 10:25am

    Thank you for posting! Great the black beach and pink suits

  3. the jealous curator /// 04.01.2016 /// 10:53pm

    me too!

  4. stephanie /// 04.02.2016 /// 2:06pm

    Yay Yay Yay! I can’t wait to see these in person! The black beach is so good!

  5. Sarina Diakos /// 04.02.2016 /// 2:48pm

    I love Lisa’s work, the group on the bikes is so evocative of my childhood I can almost feel it

  6. Kim /// 04.04.2016 /// 8:51am

    Check out Ashton Huffstetler’s watercolor portrait series:
    Face Value

    Society often makes assumptions about people strictly by their appearance – the way they dress, dye their hair, their age – the list goes on. I’ve often wondered about the people I’ve encountered in a small town. What are their stories, their flaws, their strengths? Are they really who I and others size them up to be?

    I approached eight of these people and asked them to sit for a portrait and interview process. I wanted to go beyond Face Value. Answers to the interview questions were to be truthful, but vague enough that each person would not be obviously identified. At the conclusion, the subjects were asked how they wished to be identified. The abstract patterns in the back of each portrait represent these identifiers.

    As a colorist and aspiring illustrator, watercolor is my medium of choice. My work has a strong line quality to it. I paint with a very small paintbrush and “draw” the paint on to the paper. I love the unforgiving qualities of watercolor. It forces the artist to make decisions and plan out a process, because you can not work back into and cover up mistakes in a painting as you can with acrylic or oils. If a mistake is made, the artist must accept it and try to make something out of it. Much like life.

    The eight portraits in this body of work explore the preconception of Face Value.

    “I am not what you see. I am what time, effort and interaction slowly unveil” –Richelle E. Goodrich

  7. Los momentos de Lisa Golightly | Énola /// 04.10.2016 /// 11:52pm

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