hope gangloff


Books, wine, art, music, and fantastic clothes. Yep, I want to be friends with all of these women. This is the beautifully composed, colorful, pattern-filled work of New York based artist Hope Gangloff. Sigh… wouldn’t it be great to hang out in these paintings for the weekend? I want a red pedicure… and a fish blanket.

{via Fresh Paint Magazine}

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  1. Monica /// 04.08.2016 /// 6:28am

    Yes Yes YES! these painting are amazeballs.

  2. Sullivan /// 04.08.2016 /// 8:08am

    They are even better in person!

  3. marianne clancy /// 04.08.2016 /// 11:36am

    these are so gorgeous and the color is beautiful and amazing. I love the lounger with the blue polka dot robe. sooo nice!

  4. bruna /// 04.08.2016 /// 12:28pm

    klimt incarnate!

  5. jeffrey davies /// 04.09.2016 /// 8:06am

    Incredible talent!! Truly an artist!!

  6. Christa David /// 04.09.2016 /// 10:13pm

    They seem so unbothered but begging to be engaged. I love it! The colors and patterns are giving me life too.

  7. Amandine /// 04.10.2016 /// 2:23am

    Her paintings are stunning! The work with patterns and textiles reminds me of Klimt.

  8. Maria /// 04.10.2016 /// 7:52am

    Her palette is exquisite!

  9. Cindy Press /// 04.10.2016 /// 8:13am

    She has been my favorite for years! Her work is just brilliant!

  10. Anna Turner /// 04.10.2016 /// 5:32pm

    Her work is amazing! Also check out the print she did with Kayrock Screenprinting at http://kayrock.org/ed/hope_gangloff.php ! She hand-drew all the films.

  11. Jessica /// 04.13.2016 /// 12:03pm

    Oh, wonderful!

  12. lisa thomson-The Great Escape... /// 04.13.2016 /// 5:01pm

    This is gorgeous! I’ve pinned it to my Art board for inspiration. Thanks for sharing this. My first visit here and I love your site!

  13. maggieblue /// 07.02.2016 /// 9:03pm

    Love your work – and the big feet….hugs, maggie