laureen marchand


I have a soft spot for botanicals, but they’re usually not dead/dying… however, these lovely paintings {oil on board} have managed to capture these roses at a perfect moment in time. Taking note of beauty in the everyday warms my heart, as does the work of Canadian artist Laureen Marchand.

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  1. Julie /// 04.14.2016 /// 7:21am

    These are beautiful. I ONLY like dying/dead roses (to draw and paint). I love all of the detailed creases they have.

  2. Lita Huinker /// 04.14.2016 /// 11:07am

    These are absolutely stunning, the color work is outstanding!

  3. Laureen Marchand /// 04.15.2016 /// 10:58am

    A huge thank you to Danielle and her un-jealous generosity for using these images on her site! Speaking of the warming of hearts.

    And to you folks for liking and commenting on them.

  4. the jealous curator /// 04.15.2016 /// 11:27am

    mutual love-fest! ; )

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