sean william randall


Um, I love these paintings. Is it bad that I find them funny? Explosive crashes, moments away from sure disaster? Perhaps it’s their Thelma & Louise-ness that’s making me smile… I hope so because if not, I have some major issues. This is the large-scale work of Canadian painter Sean William Randall… and yes, I fell in love at first sight. Those tranquil landscapes, beautifully painted cars, and obviously, the best acrylic on canvas flaming explosions I’ve ever seen. Fantastic.

{You can find his work at Ian Tan Gallery in Vancouver, and Mayberry Fine Art in Toronto}

comments (5)

  1. Tami Von Zalez /// 04.20.2016 /// 8:51am

    They should be called “Darwin Award nominees caught on canvas.”

  2. Ricardo Macedo /// 04.20.2016 /// 12:38pm

    Fantastic composition! It made me automatically remember the Carmageddon game.

  3. malvika /// 04.21.2016 /// 1:20am

    truly heart stopping. explosive indeed. do i hear a cry to save nature?

  4. leigh hannan /// 04.21.2016 /// 5:51am

    I immediately thought of Thelma & Louise when I saw these! Now I have to go watch it….

  5. Ryan Loiselle /// 04.23.2016 /// 3:30pm

    The Ivan Eyre like landscapes is what initially attracted me to the one we own, ‘Fine Time’. What sold us was giggling every time we look at it, the cars and their explosions are often the focus of much discussion.. Will they survive? Was it planned? Indeed, will it be a Fine Time?

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