bhavna mehta


Beautiful paper cutting, dedicated to a beautiful human. This is the work of Indian born, US based paper cutting artist Bhavna Mehta. These exquisite pieces are from her 2012 series titled, “Malala Yousafzai”. Here, in her words, is the motivation behind this work:

[Malala Yousafzai] has become known around the world for her rigorous activism for children’s rights and education. All her well-wishers are praying for this 14 year old girl who survived an assassination attempt on her life and continues to be an inspiring force. She still faces daunting surgeries and a lengthy recovery period.

My Malala is the heart of our world – her goodness extending to the furthest corners of despair and providing much needed brightness. Books make up an essential part of her environment, reading and learning being a way to break away from whatever cages surround her. She receives her song from the birds and her strength from the tiger.

Beautiful. Powerful. Just like Malala.

comments (2)

  1. Bhavna Mehta /// 05.07.2016 /// 9:47am

    Thank you so very much for showcasing my Malala series Danielle! She deserves all the attention she gets and sending her lots of good energy is of deepest honor to me.
    Thank you for your amazing website!

  2. Diane Gage /// 05.07.2016 /// 10:06am

    Love the tree/heart image especially. Beautiful, inspiring art!

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