claire brewster


It’s very hard to write about UK based artist Claire Brewster without including a bird, so that little guy is in there just for good measure! I’ve written about Claire’s beautifully cut birds several times … but earlier today I found her gorgeous botanicals and this post basically wrote itself. Vintage maps, intricately cut flowers, delicate shadows. Sigh. Enough said.

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  1. Claire Brewster /// 05.18.2016 /// 5:21am

    OMG what a wonderful surprise. Thank you xxxxx

  2. Kimberly Santini /// 05.18.2016 /// 6:42am


  3. leigh hannan /// 05.18.2016 /// 7:43am

    I adore maps and anything made with maps; these are stunning!!!

  4. alejandra atarés | Online Art News /// 05.18.2016 /// 8:23am

    […] emma mcdowall claire brewster […]

  5. Carla /// 05.18.2016 /// 12:07pm

    What is not to love about map-art!!

  6. Amanda McCauley /// 05.19.2016 /// 8:37am

    Hi Danielle! I LOVE what you’re doing – thank you so much for bringing such wonderful art and artists into our lives. Super inspiring, No jealously, only admiration 🙂 ! Did I mention that I’m an artist too? wink wink! I making “botanical collage” – which I know is trending everywhere right now. I’ve been doing this for 8 years and through much trial and error, have developed new techniques for this medium that are made to last. My petals are hand-colored and then finally sealed in encaustic wax. If you have a minute, please take a look at my website, and to see my most recent works from a Gallery Show at The Quirk Gallery, check my Instagram Feed. Either way, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!

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