craig hawkins


Yep, I feel like that sometimes. These fantastic pieces are the work of American artist Craig Hawkins. They are all from his series, titled “Superventions”, and are monotype prints with a swirling, twirling touch of acrylic paint.

comments (4)

  1. Cecile /// 05.25.2016 /// 5:31am

    How do you find so many “painted faces”? I love them, they’re so expressive! And I feel just like that last one.

  2. Mia /// 05.25.2016 /// 8:39am

    Love his artwork! I feel like that as well. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Catherine /// 05.25.2016 /// 9:42am

    craig is truly talented – so glad to see him on here!

  4. Sandi /// 05.25.2016 /// 11:09am

    We LOVE Craig’s work at Anne Neilson Fine Art! His work is an honest expression of the soul and mind – so much value added when vulnerability is released! Thanks for featuring such a talented and wonderful artist!

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