aimee bee brooks


Ah, I love a good zine! I’ve written about New York based artist/illustrator Aimee Bee Brooks┬ábefore, but when I saw this sweet little zine, titled “Color Theory”, well… here we are! I think the blue page is┬ámy favorite… or green… or maybe orange. Sigh. Did I mention I started a club in the sixth grade called “The Rainbow Girls”. Yeah, I totally did.

comments (2)

  1. marianne clancy /// 05.30.2016 /// 9:36am

    absolute love her ~ amazing~illustrative genius!

  2. Amy Tingle /// 06.04.2016 /// 4:44am

    blue, definitely the blue. But that green telephone! AND that orange record player!! But blue. It’s the tape measure. And the moonstone ring. And the needle and thread . . .

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