marc figueras


Bikes and Barcelona… sigh. These gorgeous oil paintings, by Spanish artist Marc Figueras, make me want to pack my sandals, fly to Barcelona, and find the closest bike rental ASAP. Ok, I have to admit how I found this work. I was about to pin that top-most image to my “wanna wear it” board on Pinterest… until I realized it was a PAINTING! Mind you, I still want that skirt.

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  1. thefolia /// 06.07.2016 /// 12:20pm

    No kidding I wouldn’t mind biking my way around Barcelona in sandals and tapas hopping. Happy trails!

  2. Pattie Byron /// 06.08.2016 /// 1:21pm

    Oh I do love these – I am in a cast and want so much to get on a bike! What a cohesive unique point of view. Thanks for this.

  3. Bryanna /// 06.14.2016 /// 4:32pm

    These are beautifully done, but they creep me out! I’m reminded of an article in one of the Toronto papers years ago by a man pleased about it being summer again and able to delight in the youth and beauty of women in the city, and specifically mentioning biking behind them. These feel almost like they didn’t know they were being photographed,which unnerves me when the artist is a man.

  4. maggieblue /// 07.02.2016 /// 8:54pm

    I love all these bike paintings or photographs – they’re fantastic. Lovely….