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  1. Lee Anne Roehm /// 07.02.2016 /// 5:15am

    To Danielle (not Daniel) and/or Sally (not Sarah)*,
    I have so much to say about your conversation that I’ve just eavesdropped into this morning, but I’ll not here and will lay it the lengthy form of my fascination on them in stages.
    I am FASCINATED with every bit of Sally’s project and know that it is and will continue to be such a gift to so many. As an older female who has had her artist tucked within for so many years, I can see clearly how the package can be so very appreciated and so needed to the creative recipients. It clearly frees him or her from fear of ALL negative judgement.
    I thank you both, Danielle, for your exposing me to hearing her and Sally for acting on the idea that chased you around until you did. I amazingly have only one question that the perfectly and skillfully inquisitive Danielle didn’t ask you about Consenses. I would be thrilled to know with each piece of art, is there a lineage or family tree available in the presentation? In other words would the perfume have written in the program from which works it descended? Ex offspring of this piece of music of music and granddaughter of this dance…..?
    I want to keep this brief so I’ll close now. Know, though, that I’ll be sharing with whomever will listen all the excitement I have for both of you being on this planet at the same time I am.
    Lee Anne
    future artist in Memphis, TN

  2. the jealous curator /// 07.02.2016 /// 7:07am

    oh, that is a lovely question! i’ve forwarded it to sally and asked her to reply here (but she’s away with her family for a few days so we’ll just have to wait with baited breath!) ; )