fabienne rivory


Sigh. These ethereal landscapes are the work of French artist Fabienne Rivory, and part of a series titled Croisées. This isn’t new to Fabienne though… in 2007, she began “exploring interactions between photography and painting. The meeting of these two media allows [her] to create images that are not a faithful reproduction of reality, but retain in them a trace of reality to which is added an interpretation, a subjective layer.” Beautiful.

{Fabienne’s work is available here}

comments (5)

  1. theGW /// 07.04.2016 /// 7:32am

    such beautiful work

  2. Debbie /// 07.04.2016 /// 11:31am

    Oooh…these are lovely! That small splash of color makes such a difference.

  3. Sheila /// 07.04.2016 /// 1:36pm

    I love her work! I have three pieces hanging in my main hallway and love looking at them every time I pass by.

  4. the jealous curator /// 07.04.2016 /// 4:59pm

    lucky you!

  5. Kimberly Morelli /// 07.04.2016 /// 6:45pm

    The third one down is my favorite…piercing!