tracy rocca


Oh my. Ethereal paintings that bring a quiet, hushed exhale to the room. This is the work of Albuquerque, NM based painter Tracy Rocca. I had to show those studio shots so that you could understand the scale of these beauties. How does she create these light filled landscapes… I dunno! Do you want to find out? Me too. Here is a lovely video of Tracy talking about her process, and working her dreamy magic:

Tracy Rocca: In the Studio from Deb Achak on VimeoStudio photographs also taken by Deb Achak

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  1. Jennifer Johansson /// 07.08.2016 /// 7:12am

    Yep. Jealous! Love her studio space, her dreamy paintings, her whole aesthetic. The in the studio video give such a nice glance into her practice and philosophy. Great post Danielle.

  2. Lindy T /// 07.09.2016 /// 6:41am

    Very inspiring. I’m trying to simplify!
    Lindy in Santa Fe

  3. Emily /// 07.09.2016 /// 11:05am

    Insaaaane! Love these

  4. Crystal Foth /// 07.22.2016 /// 9:53pm

    Absolutely gorgeous and what beautiful words in how she describes her work and process. Just lovely!