irina & silviu szekely


Ok, confession time. I have always wanted to chop up my old art history text books, even when they weren’t old! Flipping through the pages of the art world’s greats gave me so many ideas for collages… but I chickened out. You know who didn’t chicken out? Irina and Silviu Szekely, that’s who! They’re a couple from Romania who do everything, including making art, together. They met while studying philosophy in the late 1990s, and have been inseparable ever since. They “raised their son, read to each other, watched films and enjoyed long conversations about everything and nothing, translated philosophy books, travelled, worked, collaged and shot photographs together.” Beautiful.

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  1. Charlotte Spafford /// 08.02.2016 /// 10:47am

    Wow, such surreal, beautiful pieces. And they sound like the loveliest, most creatively synced couple ever!

  2. marianne clancy /// 08.02.2016 /// 10:57am

    these are fabulous! love their almost comedic approach to collage.

  3. Victoria France /// 08.02.2016 /// 9:15pm


  4. Carla /// 08.03.2016 /// 6:27am

    Thanks for sharing this exciting collage work! 2 can do more than 1. Very interesting and quirky work.

  5. Lily /// 08.06.2016 /// 2:48pm

    Brilliant !! This is why collage is the best medium !