gemma gené


Geesh… painting realistic work on a huge canvas is tough enough, I’m not sure I could handle that kind of third party scrutiny on top of it! This is the gorgeous work of Gemma Gené, a Spanish architect and painter who’s now based in New York. Big beautiful work that, for the first time in a really long time, makes me want to build a giant canvas to see what might happen. *No dogs allowed.

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  1. marianne clancy /// 08.08.2016 /// 9:42am

    these are fabulous and hats off to the dedication and skill and actually love her choice of subjects too!

  2. gemma gene /// 08.08.2016 /// 10:02am

    Danielle, thank you so much for this!! This is a major dream come true!! I am so honored to be on the jealous curator, thank you so much! And yes please, work on a giant canvas!! You’ll see there is no going back from that! I would love to see your work in giant size!!

  3. the jealous curator /// 08.08.2016 /// 11:17am

    i just might! 😉 and it’s my pleasure to (finally) write about your work!

  4. Rosalinda /// 08.08.2016 /// 3:33pm

    The balloon paintings are my kind of happy! Awesome work.

  5. Jayde Blair /// 08.14.2016 /// 3:55pm

    Wow wow wow

    Gemma, you are an amazing artist, I am a new and very big fan!

    Thank you for such wonderful inspiration.