Yes, if I had orchestrated these projects I’d be dancing around in circles too! Yes, projects with an ‘S’. We’re looking at not one, but TWO houses completely covered in hot pink crochet. Um, when can I move in!? This is the absolutely beautiful work of Polish-born, New York based artist Olek. The first house is in Avesta, Sweden {first house in the post}, and there is another one in Kerava, Finland {second in the post}. These interventions aren’t just beautiful though, they’re incredibly important. Here are Olek’s words about this project, and the many people who helped make it happen:

“Our pink house is about the journey, not just about the artwork itself.  It’s about us coming together as a community.  It’s about helping each other … we proved that we are stronger together, that we can make anything happen together.  People from all walks of life came together to make this project possible.  Someone donated the house, another one fixed the electricity and @redheartyarns generously donated the materials.  And of course, most importantly, many women {including Syrian and Ukrainian refugees} joined us in the effort to make my dream a reality.

… Women have the ability to recreate themselves.  No matter how low life might bring us, we can get back on our feet and start anew… We can show everybody that women can build houses, women can make homes.  In 2015 over 21 million people lost their homes due to war and conflicts in their native countries. The pink house, our pink house, is a symbol of a bright future filled with hope.  Everybody should have a home.”

Yes, yes they should 

{via Colossal}

comments (3)

  1. Abigail /// 09.09.2016 /// 7:09am

    Oh my gosh! Amazing! I love, love the quote at the bottom of this post- inspiration for me! Inspiration for so many other women! I can’t believe the amount of art, work and devotion in this. Please keep us updated on these fantastic homes.

  2. Amy Tingle /// 09.10.2016 /// 10:29am

    I love everything about this. EVERYTHING.

  3. Nikke /// 09.10.2016 /// 11:02am

    wow, at first I thought the pink house was a miniature and I am so excited to see it turns out to be a life size home for a happy community!

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