edward walton wilcox


Oh, yes. Hauntingly beautiful chandeliers in all of their illuminated, mysterious, sparkly magnificence! This is the work of Los Angeles based painter Edward Walton Wilcox. These big beautiful oil paintings, and many more like them, are currently hanging at KP Projects (LA). This show, titled “Haunted”, will be up until October 1, 2016. GO.

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  1. Klara Donovan /// 09.19.2016 /// 8:32pm

    These are dreamy! Almost like melting fireworks…

  2. the jealous curator /// 09.19.2016 /// 9:34pm

    ahh, that’s a lovely description!

  3. Michael Joyal /// 09.21.2016 /// 7:51am

    They look so lifelike I thought they were sculptures until I read about the oil paintings! SO amazing!!

  4. Nikke /// 09.24.2016 /// 8:56am

    oooooooh! love these chandeliers! at first i thought they were cave stalagmites and then now it’s even better being a glowing chandelier things!

  5. Fer Scarlato /// 09.26.2016 /// 10:51am

    Beautiful! The work he has up on his website is so different from these, and yet it has the same essence. Maybe it’s the colour palette, or the creepy-scary-yet warm feeling it has.

  6. cindy sacks /// 09.28.2016 /// 3:39pm

    I love this work! It inspires me, though I use watercolor. Evocative!