seonna hong


I have written about LA based artist Seonna Hong… a lot. So dreamy, so unique, so weird/wonderful. I love all of the tiny painted details, like the cactus and the people. Oh, but then there’s also all of those big, loose, multi-colored rocks and mountains. Sigh. I’d love to see them in person… well, you can if you’re in San Francisco this month. All of this work is from a new show that’s opening this Saturday, October 8th, at Hashimoto Contemporary. It will be up until October 29th, and yes, this show even includes a few of Seonna’s gorgeous paint chip pieces:


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  1. Amanda Truscott /// 10.05.2016 /// 6:14am

    Gorgeous! I love these.

  2. Michael Joyal /// 10.05.2016 /// 8:03am

    Such a playfully alien landscape for all these wee figures. Great gallery to exhibit in too!

  3. Lori /// 10.07.2016 /// 8:55am

    I love the blue-green wavy rocks

  4. Nikke /// 10.08.2016 /// 9:28am

    i love the compositions in these art pieces, so perfectly laid out design! the big shapes are amazing and the little people so cute and both are equally intriguing. how’d she do that!

  5. Michelle walsh /// 10.16.2017 /// 3:31pm

    How do I buy this???

  6. Michelle walsh /// 10.16.2017 /// 3:32pm

    I want to buy this. How do I do that???

  7. the jealous curator /// 10.16.2017 /// 4:01pm

    hi michelle – you’ll have to reach out to seonna through her site 🙂