rebecca rutstein


Wow. This is the work of Philadelphia based artist Rebecca Rutstein. She describes her work as “exploring geometric abstraction with a vision inspired by science and scientific data.” Now this is my kind of scientific data! Gorgeous.

ps. I want to sit down in the middle of those metal clouds. Happy Monday.

*Images Courtesy of the Artist and Bridgette Mayer Gallery

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  1. Beth McBride /// 10.10.2016 /// 6:13am

    WOW! That blue painting!! If I could eat a painting, that would be it.

  2. dana hargrove /// 10.10.2016 /// 8:42am

    I absolutely LOVE Rebecca’s work, so glad you published her! You should put her on the podcast, I would love to hear more.

  3. Michael JOyal /// 10.10.2016 /// 9:47am

    LOVE geometric shapes. Yeah, imagine having a room of just clouds to sit among!

  4. Wendy Nicholas /// 10.10.2016 /// 12:28pm

    Love Rebecca’s work, so beautiful and so original

  5. Ronna Newman Rutstein /// 10.10.2016 /// 1:18pm

    I love your work. Especially love how it has changed through the years based on new adventures you’ve experienced. Exquisite colors. Dramatic shapes. Love the motion in the Artist at Sea series.

  6. Karen R /// 10.10.2016 /// 4:43pm

    I’ve loved Rebecca’s work for many years now. It’s been a joy to watch her explore and expand. You should check out her travels and works as the ‘artist at sea’ on the Nautilus.

  7. Wendy Anderson /// 10.15.2016 /// 4:03pm

    Nice to see someone else who enjoys playing with triangles !!!

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