rowan mersh


Crazy beautiful and oh so detailed… what is it? I have no idea. This is the work of London based artist Rowan Mersh, and this is what his site says:

His diverse and experimental approach to creation is epitomized by his ability to take very ordinary materials and transform them into the extraordinary.

Yep! Well whatever all of those bits and pieces are {shells? straws? sequins?}, they’re unbelievably gorgeous in their perfect, organic compositions.

comments (5)

  1. Beth McBride /// 10.13.2016 /// 6:39am

    SO beautiful–they look the the tender underbelly of a sea creature

  2. Marie Cameron /// 10.13.2016 /// 9:13am


  3. INA /// 10.15.2016 /// 1:55am

    Wow, looks great! I had discovered something similar some time ago – similar “sculptures” and they are made with clay: Perhaps Rowan’s artworks, too?

  4. Fer Scarlato /// 10.15.2016 /// 4:56pm

    I think they might just be shells (the first piece at least). Although I don’t know where he could gather that amount of shells!

  5. Caren /// 10.20.2016 /// 7:46am

    these must be absolutely stunning in person!

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