andy decola


Paintings that look like collages? LOVE! This is the work of Canadian artist Andy DeCola. As a painter he’s always been “intrigued by the constant bombardment of images we consume every day … With his current body of work, DeCola seeks to remove his previous emphasis on using found and appropriated imagery from popular culture exclusively in order to concentrate more on his conceptual goals as his artistic practice evolves.” Mission accomplished. Beautifully.

comments (4)

  1. Brandi Baldwin /// 10.27.2016 /// 3:39pm

    Oh my! Seeing these grouped together is breathtaking. I’m in love

  2. Elise Kingdon Gallant /// 10.27.2016 /// 6:44pm

    Great work Andy! Congrats!

  3. Dan Gallant /// 10.27.2016 /// 7:17pm

    Nice work. It really draws your eye.

  4. Nikke /// 10.29.2016 /// 12:14pm

    at first glance, i want to jump back and then i want to jump in! love the dumbo ride painting. and the swiss looking alpine flag painting.

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